Freelance After Effects Animator

Animations and Motion Graphics

Adobe After Effects designer, Simon Kotowicz, sits at a graphics workstation to work on an animation.

Whatever motion graphics or animations you need I'm here to help. I offer in-programme graphics, title sequences, break bumpers, character animations, complete commercials and explainer videos.

Broadcast Safe and Textless Elements

My training and work in online editing ensures your graphics and animations will be broadcast safe, title safe and meet the broadcasters' technical specifications. You'll also receive all the relevant textless elements for your delivery.

Back-ups, Spare Equipment and Fast Internet

When I'm working from home your projects are in safe hands. I have numerous back-up devices in operation and spare workstations, ensuring all the deadlines are met. I use the latest, fully-licensed software and have a fiber-optic broadband connection.

A Versatile Designer

No matter how adventurous your imagination or budget allows I have the capacity to cover it all. Motion graphics work is carried out on the fastest HP Workstations using Adobe After Effects. Design elements are created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, ensuring full compatibility for inclusion in video, websites and printed material. And when you require something a little more 3D I dip into Autodesk 3DS Max.

Years of Experience

I have been using Adobe After Effects to create broadcast motion graphics and animations since 1997. I continue to offer freelance After Effects work, either in your office or working from home. As a 3D Generalist I have used Autodesk's 3DS Max for nearly 20 years.